MODEL : 57 mm. tube
16 mm. piston rod


​PNK is amongst the top shock absorbers brands when it comes to heavy-duty application. Our factory uses advanced manufacturing technology and quality control from raw materials intake, machining process, assemble, through storage control. Our heavy-duty series have been specially developed for extreme road conditions and heavy loading application. Tested under real environments, these shock absorbers satisfy the usage demands with regards to safety, stability and reliability.

Rigidity and Reliability were the major qualities in our product. PNK engineers and researchers have taken in the considerations from the user's  perspective and demand for heavy-duty application. PNK's heavy-duty series feature metal dust cover for protection against off-road damage. For superior usage requirement, PNK increases the diameter sizes of shock absorber's body, piston rod, valve, and other internal parts to maximize the hydraulic fluid content inside the cylinder. The design allows efficient heat dissipation and maintains constant fluid  viscosity over a prolonged usage. 

Our Production line offers a broad selection of gas springs and dampers, ensuring the right product for any installation situation. At PNK we provide sincere service to our customers- as a development partner. Together, we support you step-by-step through initial planning, installation proposal, prototype construction and product design consultation through completion.