MODEL : Reverse action

Tension / Traction Gas Spring

  • Choice for counter balance and lifting application
  • Solution for small space fitting or mounting constraints
  • Stainless steel made is available
  • Provided with piston extender for easy installation
  • Wide selection of gas spring sizes, force variants
PNK tension gas springs is called into action for applications where normal gas springs cannot be used due to lack of space or mounting constraints. They support manual force when opening the covers which that needed to be pulled upward to open.
Tension type gas springs work in the opposite way to normal compression type gas springs as the gas pressure inside the cylinder causes the piston rod to retract inwards. The piston rod should always stay inside the pressure tube when no load is applied. Depending on how they are installed, pull type gas springs either open or close flaps, windows and hatchways. This type of gas springs also often function as tensioner on mechanical assembly and soft-close lid
Our Production line offers a broad selection of gas springs and dampers, ensuring the right product for any installation situation. At PNK we provide sincere service to our customers- as a development partner. Together, we support you step-by-step through initial planning, installation proposal, prototype construction and product design consultation through completion.