MODEL : 57 – 89 mm. tube
16 – 25 mm. piston rod


Shock absorbers play a vital role in ensuring the safety of vehicles and passengers. As a leader of shock absorbers for commercial vehicles in Thailand, PNK has developed several bus dampers specific to the needs for transportation, focusing on passenger comfort, noise reduction, and vehicle control. With safety and economy value as our priorities, PNK shock absorbers for bus ensures optimum road contact, stable cornering, perfect maneuverability, high durability, as well as the ease of maintenance.

PNK shock absorbers for bus are high quality spare parts. Experience superior ride quality while benefit from a reduction of overall operating cost. 
Our Production line offers a broad selection of gas springs and dampers, ensuring the right product for any installation situation. At PNK we provide sincere service to our customers- as a development partner. Together, we support you step-by-step through initial planning, installation proposal, prototype construction and product design consultation through completion.