MODEL : 57 – 89 mm. tube
16 – 25 mm. piston rod


  • Standard sized, Oversized, or Extra sized body for superior strength
  • Multi-Lips seals for higher durability
  • Long service life, even at high loads
  • Maintenance and service capability 
  • Welding point can withstand up to 15 ton
  • Wide selection of shock absorber sizes, mounting variants
  • Suitable for normal or heavy duty truck

PNK shock absorbers for truck are designed for the toughest requirements.

Truck industry has always been our focus, that's why we produce shock absorbers for all models of truck in Thailand. PNK is the leader in aftermarket for truck spare part and we are in a constant communication with the distributors and end consumers through our truck workshop. For commercial truck, PNK shock absorbers are designed for the toughest requirements, our team of sales and engineers are ready to support you in finding the best-fit shock absorbers.
- Large (57-89 mm.) diameter twin-tube body to maximize fluid volume and increase fluid capacity to operate at a steady temperature.
- Large (16-25 mm.) piston rod for superior strength and durability
- Nitro hardened piston rod increases protection against corrosion and scuffing resistance
- Full loop welding is PNK's signature for superior strength and durability