MODEL : 76 – 110 mm. tube
22 – 43 mm. piston rod


  • Fully customizable
  • H-NBR seals, withstanding high temperature
  • Vertical and Horizontal function
  • Symmetrical curve of damping force
  • Special oil grade
  • Wide selection of damper size and mounting variant
  • Designed for overhaul and upgradeability to extend even further service life

Our Research & Development engineers are fully committed to providing the best damper solutions for the specific rail transport system.

In a mass transportation system, the demands for superior standards for safety, reliability, durability and passenger comfort are the keys. PNK railway shock absorbers strive to be beyond the standard for providing an ideal damping solution for railway industry since 1983. PNK dampers offer rail operators and locomotive producers an effective way of controlling train dynamics, cost reduction, durability, ease of maintenance and comfortable travelling experience. Our standardized range of dampers can be adapted to fit exact customer's specifications. 

Many of our dampers are designed so they can be upgraded and overhauled to extend their service life even further. Our overhauling experts examine the condition of the damper using latest technology and advanced test machine to identify what has to be done to bring the original dampers performance back. We also offer the refurbishment dampers of other brands.
Our rolling stock products include:
​- Primary and Secondary suspension dampers
- Horizontal and Vertical dampers
- Secondary coupler dampers
- Intercar dampers
- Yaw dampers