MODEL : Variable positioning with elastic or rigid locking

Locking Gas Spring

  • The ability to be locked anywhere along the complete stroke
  • Optimized weight compensation during application
  • Depending on the type of construction, incompressible locking function can be achieved
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Linear, progressive, or degressive spring characteristic curve
  • Wide selection of sizes, and force variants
  • Variety of end fitting options
  • Maintenance free, even at high load, with long service life

Our Production line offers a broad selection of gas springs and dampers, ensuring the right product for any installation situation. At PNK we provide sincere service to our customers- as a development partner. Together, we support you step-by-step through initial planning, installation proposal, prototype construction and product design consultation through completion.

When adjustments play a vital role in our customer’s applications such as office chairs that have to be adapted to body height and matching furniture or machine lids that should be able to adjust a range of degree of opening, PNK locking gas springs are used. In these cases our locking gas springs will provide optimum load equalization and user-friendly motion sequences during operation. A special piston rod is implemented with valve system to allow variable locking.
Compact design with long stroke
Extesnsion speed control
Integrable with additional functions such as electric switch